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Nicolas Chapados

Chief Scientist at Element AI

Nicolas Chapados holds an engineering degree from McGill University and a PhD in Computer Science from University of Montreal, Canada. While still writing his thesis and jointly with his advisor Yoshua Bengio, he co-founded ApSTAT Technologies in 2001, a machine learning technology transfer firm, to apply cutting-edge academic research ideas to areas such as insurance risk evaluation, supply chain planning, business forecasting, national defense, and hedge fund management. From this work, he also co-founded spin-off companies: Imagia, to detect and quantify cancer early with AI analysis of medical images, Element AI, an applied research lab in artificial intelligence with a systematic process to connect fundamental innovations with commercial applications, and Chapados Couture Capital, a quantitative asset manager. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. He is now Chief Scientist at Element AI.